Friday, March 27, 2009

footloose and a cute little chick

you know i was a child of the 80s and i LOVED it! the music, the clothes, the movies. do you remember the goonies? such a good movie! and flight of the navigator? that's perfection on the big screen, no?!
this saturday, at the hippodrome, they are doing a screening of footloose and having a dress like the 80s contest! i'm so there...hehe i have visions of mike in a couple of layered pink and turquoise polo shirts and pegged jeans, me in a side ponytail, coulots, and jelly sandals...don't you think we could win?! anywho, here's you a RAD 80s video
on a different subject, i went to the domain in austin (an AWESOME shopping center) and had to pick up a little charm for my juicy couture bracelet! (i realize some might think it looks 'easterish', but i just loved it because it is turquoise...besides there's eggs and chickens all year long right!

happy friday!

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  1. the 80's!!! what's not to love? are you really going? i've got to see a picture--i totally think you would win. love the charm too!