Tuesday, March 24, 2009


i think when you get used to having a little dog in your house, it's hard to not have one anymore. our sweet buffy had to be put to sleep a few months ago, and i have recently started thinking about getting another inside dog...i said i wouldn't because they are so much work and tie us down to being at home or having someone be there with them when we're travelling. but how can i resist a little face like this one?
i'm not getting a yorkie anytime soon, but maybe eventually...who knows? more importantly, if and when i do, i'll need an adorable name to go with that cutie face. i want a little girl, so some of my choices are greta, bella, and chloe. do you have any suggestions?


  1. Oh my goodness! i got so excited for a minute there--thought you'd already got one. i love all the names! it would be hard to choose one...how about greta chloe-belle?

  2. ha! no and it doesn't look like i'll be getting one anytime soon...when i mentioned it to mike, he said NO! but just in case, i think i like bella the best!

  3. That dog is so cute and looks like a stuffed toy!

  4. Hello Nini!I think the puppy is so cute!I definitely think you should get one!Out of the three names i love the name Chloe for a small dog like that!


  5. lyndsay, it DOES look like a little stuffed toy! hehe

    mck, i'm going to tell uncle mike that you think i should get one!! or maybe you should tell your mom and dad that you need a cute little dog for your house {winkwink}