Monday, July 2, 2012

menu monday!

don't you love all the fresh fruits and veggies to eat during the summer?
tastes so yum!

i was getting really tired of cooking every single day and trying to think of different things all 3 of us would eat (sadie is not a picky eater but some meals are just not kid friendly), so i came up with a new plan recently, and it's really working for us...
i made a list of all the dinners that we will all eat and that are pretty quick and easy...then when it's time to plan the week's meals, i just pick from my list and don't have to think about it too much.

i also decided to not cook 6 nights a week like i had been doing. so now i make 4 meals (one big enough for leftovers later in the week), and then we either pick up or go out 2 nights.
and i've become okay with the fact that my meals don't have to be "fancy." honestly, it's just too much effort right now.  most evenings i'm so tired by dinnertime that i just want to make something easy and quick, but i still want to provide healthy meals for our family...

so here is my menu plan for this week:
monday- shrimp linguini with spinach and parmesan
tuesday- 4 cheese spaghetti with steamed broccoli
wednesday-mike picks up dinner
thursday- salmon, garlic potatoes, salad
friday-leftover spaghetti
saturday-eat out
sunday- crispy tacos, chips and guac

not anything way out of the ordinary, but still yummy!
i'm curious, do you cook every night? do you make the same meals or switch it up?


  1. I cook probably 5 nights, eat out once and have a "fend for yourself" once a week also. Would you mind telling me your recipe for the 4 cheese spaghetti and shrimp linguini? My 23 month old loves spaghetti.

    1. sure! the spaghetti is super easy...i just use angel hair pasta with ground beef and 4 cheese marinara. sometimes i put bread crumbs in the sauce while it's simmering, then top with freshly grated parmesan. for the shrimp linguini, i saute small shrimp in olive oil and garlic salt, then add fresh lemon juice and grated makes sort of a light sauce, then i toss with linguini. we add marinated artichokes sometimes too!

  2. Now you are sounding more like your Mother! except I'm not as organized on my meal-planning! Great idea to minimize! I have a feeling your meals are still top-notch!

  3. I cook anywhere from 4-5 days a week and other nights we eat leftovers, something really easy or eat out. I try to plan my menu on Sunday so I know exactly what I have to put together for a good meal. This doesn't always happen the organized way I'd like it too- life gets in the way ;-) but I do try. Like to tonight.... My sweet mother inlaw is making dinner for us.

  4. I love to cook, but depending on how busy I am with work we may eat out a few times during the week or I may cook a large meal one night so we can have left overs the next night. Tonight I cooked crispy tacos and mexican potatoes ( a family recipe). I like to switch it up every week But of course we have our favorite dishes that get repeated a couple times a month!