Monday, July 16, 2012

trip to plano and convention

hi! the past week has been super busy, and i've been too busy "instagramming" to blog...isn't it addictive?!

last sunday, mom, sadie, and i went to plano for a few days. we stayed with susanne, chris, and mckinlee, and had the best time!  shopping, eating, and laughing mainly.
here is sadie belle looking at herself in a mirror at susanne's.
 we ate at pei wei one day. yum!
 chopstick talent
 she fell asleep on the way to shop so i stayed in the car for awhile while the girls shopped...then i shopped for a bit at j.crew factory. i got the cutest neon pink pencil skirt for $24!
 happy girls
 the next day before leaving we went to sam moon's. do you have a sam moon's? it's a jewelry warehouse type store that is completely overwhelming but fun. i scored some cute earrings and bracelets for super cheap.

here are the girls before shopping that day

 after a great lunch at paradise bakery, we stopped at velvet bake shop for a sweet treat. i got the red velvet cake delicious!
 after getting home, sadie was happy to be reunited with her magna doodle (she loves it!) and wanted me to take pics of her fantastic artwork ;)

 a little blurry but i loved how excited she was to go to her first day of kindermusik. the theme is "creatures in my backyard" and she is loving it.
 mike's parents came to town on thursday night, and we all went on friday to our annual bible convention that we have every summer. the theme was "safeguard your heart," and it was SO good! looking forward to going saturday and sunday in the next couple of weeks.

we pack our lunch to eat at the convention center, and sadie looked like such a big girl eating her lunch!
after lunch, we walked around outside to get some sun and let her use up some didn't quite work, because she fought her afternoon nap for about an hour before passing out on our laps!
 i just love coordinating outfits, don't you?!
 sadie belle, poppy, and nana
 3 of us
 sadie and nama (mike's mom)
 and grandpa
we had such a fun visit with them! they took her to the toy store to pick out whatever she wanted, and guess what she chose?
a cute new doll? no.
a coloring book? no.
the jake and the neverland pirates ship. yep. that's my girl.

today was a big day too, because sadie had her interview at the montessori preschool. she did great, and will be starting in ONE MONTH! 
my little baby girl going to school. i cannot believe it!
it is only 2 morning a week for 3 hours, but still. this is major for me.

happy monday everyone!


  1. Sadie is a doll. I love her cute hair. I love what you wore to your convention. Happy summer!

  2. I love following you on instagram!

    I just heard of Pei Wei for the first time and then from you guys too. Sounds like it must be good!

    Sadie is going to love preschool. And after you get used to leaving her, you will too! :)

    1. pei wei is delish! you must go there!

  3. Sadie looked more grown up than ever in your pictures! What happened to our baby! Everyone looked so good!

  4. Love your daughter's outfit - the lime green shirt with navy polka dot pants! Can you tell me where that is from?


  5. love the pic of Sadie using chopsticks! Enjoyed all the photos except for the talk of Sam Moon...just kidding! hee hee