Monday, June 25, 2012

trip to seaside

last week mike and i went to seaside, florida for vacation and to celebrate our 10th anniversary (a little early-it's not until october).  we loved the town, the beach, the bicycles everywhere, and how you feel like life just moves a little slower there!

first stop after a long morning of travel, was for lunch at pizza by the sea. delish!!
 as soon as we got settled, we headed for the beach. white sand and blue water. nothing better :)
 toes in the sand
 and a pic of me that looks like i'm 5 months pregnant (i'm not) got to remember to suck in the stomach;)
 they have great little shops in the town of our favs was duckies, the cutest children's store ever!
 and willow which is another fab my new flips at the willow in rosemary beach
 we went to the tommy bahama's restaurant in sandestin twice because we love their food so much...this was the sanibel chicken, and the bungalow salad with chicken.  the second time i had their famous fish tacos. all 3 entrees were fantastic!
 here we are enjoying dinner
 and the next day ready for the beach
 they have several vintage looking food trucks to grab lunch by the beach, so this day we got hot dogs. so yummy.

 bicycles everywhere

 i think all we did was lay in the sand, shop, and eat for 4 days..literally!
this dinner was at the great southern cafe. pecan crusted grouper, mashed potatoes, and fried okra. can't get more southern than that.  mike had steak and grits...oh my were those the best grits, and i don't even eat them normally.
 can  you say sunburned??
 one of my favorite pics of the trip...walking out to the beach from the main pavilion in seaside.
 more food...the best dessert ever at cafe thirty-a...banana beignets with homemade macadamia nut ice cream

 our last look at the beach before heading home
 and i can't even talk about the trip home right now because i am SO completely upset with our booking company...but let's just say it involved no flight home, a 13 hour drive, hundreds of dollars in rental car fees, extra hotel stays, and gasoline. and to top it off- a $200 ticket when we were 10 minutes from home!
but seaside, oh it was beautiful!


  1. what pretty pictures--makes me want to be there so bad! i can taste that pizza right now! SO sorry about your travel nightmare. just remember all the fun you had :)

  2. beautiful pictures! can't wait to go some day but so sorry for bad return experience...but thankfully you arrived safely--just a little less in funds!

  3. I love the great southern cafe we ate there 3 times last year! And the hot dog trailer was our favorite, so yummy loved the hot dog roll! Duckies was one of the cutest kids stores ever didn't you just want to go crazy in there! You look so pretty at the dessert table in your yellow top . You look great in yellow. Sorry about the way home, thats a bummer. Last year when we went we had flight passes but I was able to get on the flight and Kevin wasn't cause the flight was booked it was the weekend so he couldn't get a flight out for 2 days after I was there!! Then on the way home I got out first again fortunetly he got out on the next flight! Next time we will just drive it!