Wednesday, June 13, 2012


sharing a few instagram pics with you today.

the farmer's market we went to on saturday morning is next to the brazos river. i thought it looked so cool with the old bridge and beautiful crepe myrtles blooming!
 mike and i at the farmer's's  next to an *old* fire station bldg
sure hope this poor guy was paid well to stand on a busy street corner in a banana suit.
mike did honk by the way, because we do love some jamba juice ;)
 sadie has discovered watercolors
 our summer list of fun activities
 a delicious chocolate pie that my mom made last night
 and the gorgeous dress she made sadie!
 outside our favorite kid's store that is closing soon :(
 dancing in the kitchen
five days until we leave for vacation! yippee! yay! can't wait.
happy wednesday!


  1. That dress is the cutest! And my little one has that same top in the last two photos! We love Carter's! Sadie is too cute!

  2. Cute pics Danielle!
    That little Sadie is just so darn cute.
    Love her cute outfit with her saltwater sandals. I love those little shoes on girls.

    Have FUN on vacay!!!! Where ya guys goin?
    Oh and what's your instagram name? You can find me at gennerallyspeaking! I am loving insta. So fun. :)

  3. Fun pictures! I really like the bridge shot! Can you believe that's in our town? Cute picture of Mike & Sadie too! Wish I had that pie tonight! What a cute idea for the summer fun list---so creative!