Monday, November 28, 2011


hi! we had a great, relaxing 4 days was hard to have mike go to work this morning!
we went to see mike's parents this weekend, so i'll have to post all the pictures, but today i thought i would write about some cute things sadie is saying right now...i try to write down all of her funny sayings, but some days i just can't keep up with everything she's saying!

here are a few from the last couple of months:

-When I told her it was time to eat she said, “ don’t want nupting (nothing)”

- she saw a little black spot on her fingernail and she said “gooness gracious”

-Her diaper leaked and mike went to change her…as I was walking towards her room she said, “dandy, we’ve got a mess!”

-“mama, hold my baby”

-When I picked up a crayon off the floor Sadie said “way to go mama…you helped Sadie!”

-Sadie was playing with a lemon today and I heard her say “okay lemon, are you ready to roll?”

-We were outside playing with her balloon and she kept saying she was going to do her “super soccer kick” on the balloon.

-When we do something good together she says “go team!”

-And daddy has taught her anytime football is on to say “go waders.”  (go raiders)

-When we’re out and she’s trying to open a door, she says “abre”

-Patted my arm and said “don’t worry my mommy,” then said “I love you all the trees.”

-Says “Sadie being naughty. I stand in the corner.” Then counts 1, 2, 9, 10, 11

-Takes the wooden end off my desk and calls it “woodpecker”.  She was smelling it and I said what does it smell like, she said “chicken!”

-After getting money at the bank, as we were driving away she said “I appwecirate (appreciate) it!”

As you can tell, there is no shortage of expression and laughs in this house!!
And we officially started potty training today.  I was going for the "just wear big girl panties and i'll clean up all your messes until you figure it out" thing...that lasted until 11 am, and then i decided pull-ups would work just fine for us ;)


  1. i love that girl! such a grown up in a tiny little body! i bet you just can't write things down fast enough.

  2. Our funny Sadie! Love all her little sayings! So glad you are logging them! Love, Mom