Monday, November 21, 2011

assembly weekend

this weekend was our assembly in denton..the theme was "let god's name be sanctified" and it was SO encouraging and full of good talks/interviews and just getting to associate with friends was fun!  sadie did so good throughout both days, she colored and was really quiet, but when mike got on stage to give his talk she said "yeah daddy!" really was cute!  this first picture she was obviously not wanting her picture taken, but i wanted you to see her adorable leopard dress that nana made her. i got it monogrammed and it just turned out so cute.
 here she is with nana
 here we are after the saturday session. isn't that fabric mural gorgeous?  throughout the auditorium, there are 4 or 5 murals like this depicting different locations like the mountain, the beach, etc. they are sooo beautiful!
we stayed at the nicest holiday inn with a huge waterfall in the lobby which was a hit with sadie belle.
she tossed and turned for quite a while but once she went to sleep, she slept all night which was wonderful...i, on the other hand, woke up every hour and had to go potty like 15 times (no joke!)

 mike and i on sunday at lunch
 a family pic
 susanne and mckinlee came on sunday! it was so good to have them there!
 love this one of sadie and her zizi
a wonderful weekend, but man were we tired last night! i kept falling asleep on the way home and sadie went to bed quickly she was so tired...
happy monday!


  1. i'm glad we got to come and see everyone. sadie was so cute and did so good! i loved her outfits (and yours!)

  2. What a wonderful weekend! So happy our family could be together. Love the pics! Love, Mom