Thursday, January 22, 2009

You're So Vain

there have been very few times in my life that i have been treated so rudely as i was today...the intention of this blog is to share encouraging, happy stuff, but i have to tell you what happened!

i made a hair appt. 6 WEEKS AGO with a guy here that i'd been to once before (Daniel at Salon Dada)...he's really good with 2 weeks ago i called to reschedule the appt. because my thursday class doesn't end until 12:30 and my appt. was at 12. the receptionist told me to come after my class and he would do as much as he could...that he might not be able to blow dry and fix my hair. i said that was fine. so i walked out of a lecture early so i wouldn't be super late to my appt. when i came in the receptionist (a different one) basically told me the stylist had left since i was late and there was no way he could hilight my hair today. i told her the whole story and she acted like i was lying to her and was really rude...

so i waited until he came back at which point he implied i was lying about the whole situation because "that was very unlike his receptionist" to say that to me. i said "why would i be making this up, i was the one who tried to reschedule?" he said i was 40 minutes late and there was no way he could do my hair would mess up his schedule completely. then he had the audacity to rudely ask me if i could come back in 3 weeks! ha!

it boggles the mind that people who are in customer service lines of work have absolutely no people skills. and hello, this is small town texas, not a salon in new york or la!! (i bet the stylists there don't treat their clients rudely)

okay i'm done venting...back to happy posts

"You're So Vain" by Carly Simon


  1. Oh my goodness! What a day--I bet you were livid! I swear, sometimes it seems like we're the only nice people out there!! :)

  2. i know! it made me so mad to be treated like i was some trashy liar when they were the ones that messed up...ooh it still makes me mad to think about it now!