Sunday, November 2, 2014

weekend wrap-up

how was your weekend? ours was jam packed & fun & exhausting! it FINALLY feels like fall in Texas..our low for friday night was 39 degrees, yay!

so we started off friday morning putting fake nails on sadie..ha! i bought her these stick on nails at target on thursday, so she had to put them on first thing friday morning. pretty cute, no?

friday was filled with all sorts of errands and running around, and at the end of the day, we showed a gorgeous home to some out of town clients.  the home was massive and had statues everywhere, so keeping my very busy 4 year old still while the clients looked through was a bit exhausting!

here's the wine room...a-ma-zing

here's the pool house and pool

and the outdoor fireplace and was gorgeous! we're hoping they make an offer soon :)
we got home late friday and mike had made pizzas for us and we watched madagascar 3, then put sadie to bed, then watched moms' night out. LOVED that movie and I could so relate to it!

saturday i was at academy looking for sadie a baylor shirt to wear to the game & came across this lovely shirt in the women's section. not sure if i would wear it while working out, but i thought it was funny!

we had an extra ticket for the game, so jackson went with us...he was such a good sport with me making them stop and pose every few minutes

we had GREAT seats and the weather was beautiful, a bit chilly though, so the whole first hour sadie whined and cried that she did NOT want to wear her sweater over her cheerleading costume because "mom it's embarrassing!" then the next half hour or so she complained because her pom poms were purple & white not green & gold! #highmaintenance   

mike & i wishing we had left our precious little girl with nana ;)

we stayed for the halftime show and to see the homecoming queen, then we left..the score at that point was 39-7 so we knew baylor would win plus it was time for some dinner

we have this adorable diner called jake's with the best home cooked food and elvis night every first saturday of the's sadie and jackson with the king!

the best piece of pecan buttermilk pie there ever was

 mom and les and jason, jennifer, and logan met us there..we had the best time!

and elvis came over and serenaded jennifer. she was loving every second! #devotedelvisfan

sunday i decided it was time to embrace the capsule i'm not doing the 10 item wardrobe or even the 30 item, but i weeded out clothes until i felt good with my choices.  so i'm going to *attempt* to not shop for clothes until spring. i have a few items besides these to add in the colder winter months (heavier sweaters, skinny cords) but for the most part, this is what i'm going to wear through fall & winter 2014.




that doesn't count tshirts, workout wear, and coats & scarves either..i'm excited and feel good about it, so i'll let you know how it goes.

since my closet was clean, i decided to show you how i organize my jewelry. bracelets and necklaces on the pegboard and bins for earrings and rings. it works really well for me to see everything i have and not be searching through a drawer for it.

my winter shoes

and boots

i've been doing laundry all day so these are loads 1, 2, and 3 ready to be folded. load 4 is in the dryer, load 5 in the washer. ugh!

 and a picture of my sweetie and the free piece of cake she won saturday night at jake's...they have a basketball challenge there..if you make the basket on the wall you get a free dessert, and she did!!

are you ready to start the week? we've got school, ballet, grocery shopping, hair appointment, and a congregation picnic this's going to be busy :)


  1. so much to comment on...sadie's nails are precious, that house is amazing, love that shirt--you should get it, so funny that sadie was embarrassed at the game, love your cute game day outfit too, looks like a fun night at jake's, i want to jump through the screen and inhale that piece of pie, adorable family picture, your closet looks amazing--can't wait to do the same thing (what will we do instead of shop when i come to visit?!?) sadie's cake looks so good that my mouth is literally watering right now!!!

  2. when you come we will eat pie and NOT shop ;P