Friday, March 2, 2012

catch up {we are alive}

i haven't had the energy or desire to blog lately. we are on week 3 of sadie being sick! she is usually my healthy girl but since the first of february she has had a ear infection, the measles (!), a yeast infection, and now a bad cold (with vomiting :()  i am SO ready for her to feel better! besides just dealing with a sick toddler, i worry so much about her when she doesn't feel well. i guess every mom does.
but enough negativity...

in the midst of her sickness, she was feeling well enough to go to her very first dance class on monday. it was the cutest thing! it's a mommy and me creative dance class, and we really enjoyed it.  here she is before her class...

 i loved this one of her cutie little profile!
 she also got to enjoy a yummy strawberry cupcake last night (and got it all over her!!)
 last weekend, mike and i bought her a "castle" as she calls it...endless hours of fun with this
 and today, she got to help her daddy in the yard, spreading mulch...she was so proud!!
and a few funny things she has said lately:

daddy: "sadie, how was your nap?"
sadie: "it was awesome."

sadie (pretending): "mimi is calling-she needs my help.  daddy i will put her on feaker (speaker) so you can talk. don't worry mimi i will rescue you."

she calls breakfast "bresixx"- i love that!

she calls the backyard "backlard"

she calls her little dot paints "doc doc docs"

have a great weekend!


  1. She looks so cute there in her dance outfit. Hope she keeps feeling better!

    1. Thanks!! I loved the ballerina shirt :)

  2. What a little dancer! I love her pretend phone conversations...hope she gets well and strong soon!

    1. me too!! thank you for all of your help!

  3. i didn't know sadie was still sick! i'm so sorry. what a long 3 weeks :(
    love her outfit for dance class--can't wait to hear about it.
    so cute the things she's saying. i read chris & mck what she said about rescuing mimi--so funny! can't wait to see you all this weekend.

    1. i know, poor baby girl, and now she has strep throat!! hope she's better by friday ;)

  4. Poor little Sadi...glad she is feeling better. And I'm sure you are ready for her to be well ,mommies get run down themselves with worry and all the things that go with taking care of a child under the weather! Looks like fun times ahead with her Castle Slide and dance classes... I think after all that you need a little retail therapy or a peddie , that always makes a girl feel better!