Monday, October 3, 2011

updated dining area, a quick lunch, and a festival

i'm finally getting around to showing you our dining area...i mentioned that i had ordered some chairs from pier one, well they came in weeks ago but i didn't have my table decorated yet, so i'm just now posting pics of it!  the chairs are very similar to a chair i found in the ballard designs catalog (do you get that catalog? i looove it)

they are creamy with gray french writing on them and look really good with our dark wood farm table.  then i had some rewards bucks at pier 1, so i got these placemats and napkins and napkin rings...if you are looking for napkins/napkin rings pier 1 is the place to go, there are so many choices!

 sadie got in the pic. she loves these chairs and tries to climb up on them all the time.
 the orange pumpkins were a gift from susanne years ago, i still love them! the big white one and the little sparkly one i probably got at hobby lobby on sale.
 saturday at lunch we met susanne and mckinlee at jason's deli for a quick lunch...they were in town because of a wedding the night before, so we had a fun little visit with them.  when i was getting ready to leave, sadie was trying to climb in their car and kept saying "sadie just go in zizi's car." ha! 

 saturday afternoon, mike and i went to an event here called the wine & food festival. we had never been but it was really fun.  there were sooo many vendors sampling different wines and local restaurants with tons of food to eat.
it was super can see it from the pictures..

 my little plate of yummies.  my favorites were the chicken spaghetti and the spinach dip. oh and they had a dessert and champagne tent with wonderful pumpkin spice cake!
 mike after taking a bite (he's going to love me for posting this one :)

we finished our weekend right by watching pan am last night! do you love that show? i do.
now if i could get rid of the cold i've been battling for 7 days now, i would be much happier!!

have a great monday.


  1. love your dining room--so fallish & cozy! we had fun at lunch. and what a fun time it looks like you had at the festival!
    hope you feel better--we're all feeling bad now!

  2. love the new dining chairs...Beautiful!