Monday, March 21, 2011

spring weekend

the weather was gorgeous here this weekend...a little windy, but beautiful skies and 80 degrees! mike and i attempted to do a project and got halfway through before calling in the professionals-i'll share pics once it's done.

we have these beautiful bushes in our front yard that bloom white every march, and we took pictures of sadie by the bush last year when she was super tiny, so we thought we would try again this year. getting a 14 month old to sit still by a bush is rather hard, so this is the best we got!

and our friends, the amundsens, came to visit this weekend. corey (the dad) was doing a half marathon at baylor...way to go! we had so much fun with them just relaxing and grilling out and letting the kids play. i love how luke and amelia have perfect smiles in this picture and sadie just looks irritated. ha!

their cute little family
and this morning mike was cracking me up as he was getting ready for work...the owners of the bank he works for sponsored a charity golf tournament for the private school they send their kids to, so mike and several other guys at his office had to play golf this afternoon. he was so NOT looking forward to it and hoping he would be on the "bad" golfers team because he is completely not a golfer. he plays only when he has to and doesn't enjoy it...i think it's because it's not fast paced enough for my completely sweet impatient husband! he said "maybe i could be the wait. i think caddies have to know what they're doing and like which club to use. maybe i'll just drive the cart." but at least he looks cute, right?!
and miss sadie with a classic picture face...she is way too busy to stop and smile for the camera
i loved this close up of her!
happy monday!

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  1. sounds like you had a fun weekend! love the picture of s and her squinty smile!