Friday, February 13, 2009


do you own a pair of boots? i don't. not real cowgirl boots, i just have boots to wear with leggings or boots to wear with skirts. but i'm thinking, i'm a texan right? i grew up on LAND...that entitles me to needing a pair of boots. so since mike got a nice bonus for being such a good little banker this year, i'm gettin' me some boots (did that sound country enough?)

these boots are vintage inspired tobacco distressed leather...i thought they were cool. what do you think?

oh! and totally unrelated...i think american idol is not a talent competition any longer. what was with wednesday's selection of the top 36?! the judges are picking people that fit the "characters" they need on the show, and letting some of the really talented ones go. but my pick for season 8 winner is danny...the guy with the cool glasses that just lost his wife.

d-crest out.

"Cowgirl" Tracy Byrd

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