Saturday, January 31, 2015

day in the life 1.29.15

i love reading day in the life posts, i guess i just love to see how people spend their days! since i've never done one, i decided this past thursday i would keep track of my whole here it is! (sorry in advance for the tons of pictures ;)

6:35am-my alarm goes off and i lay in bed until 6:40 when i get up. i get myself somewhat ready (which means i put on yoga pants and a tiny bit of makeup.) my chest feel super congested.

6:55am-i'm starting to boil water for my hot tea when sadie walks in the kitchen and says "i thought that was you!"

7-7:35am i get sadie dressed, make her some breakfast (a bacon and cheese quesadilla and yogurt with oats), play with her new stuffed animals waddles the penguin and paddington bear, and take our medicine..mucinex for me and sudafed for sadie.

i snap a pick of her outfit for the day, then get in the car to go to school around 7:40

 7:53am-i drop sadie off at school and head back home. i walk in the door and see that mike has made our bed while i'm gone. bless him!
 a quick pic of what i look like at 8 am...yikes!

8-8:45am i check my work email, read blogs, and drink water

around 8:30 mike makes his 2nd cup of coffee and leaves for work

8:45-9:15am- i make sadie's bed and pick up her room and start cleaning...on my cleaning list today is dusting and windexing all furniture and cleaning the bathrooms

 9:15am-i go to mom's for a lovely little tea party with teavana tea and homemade banana bread & tell susanne and mckinlee bye since they're leaving to go home

10:15am-clean the living room and office and write an email to sadie's dance teacher

11:30am-finally have gotten myself dressed and ready to go pick up sadie from school

sadie had a great day at school learning about dinosaurs, i tell her she can pick anywhere she wants to eat lunch and she picks panda express, so she, i, and waddles eat there around 12.

the message inside her fortune cookie is definitely true!

after lunch we go over to roots boutique and spice looking for a teacher gifts for her two teachers at school..just to say thank you for making sadie's first month at school so fun. we shop there and find some very cute gifts until leaving around 2pm.

i picked up this blessed bracelet for me, just loved it!

we get home and i go through sadie's school folder,

see that henry's enjoying a great nap in the backyard,

and get s a graham cracker and milk and we read stories until 2:45...i tuck her in for rest time and take a little nap myself until 3:45

after resting, sadie is playing and i start cleaning again, this time in our room and bathroom. i stop to pin some family worship night ideas on pinterest, mom comes by to bring sadie a new outfit she bought her, and i make a snack for s of apple and potato chips around 4:30

then we stop to take a silly selfie break ;-)

4:45pm we put on a performance with waddles and paddington

 around 5, sadie goes outside to swing and i finally finish cleaning for the day. at 5:30 i start cooking dinner and munched on a few country ranch nut thins. these things are addictive and SO delicious!

 mike comes home around 5:40 and dinner's ready to eat at 6:05pm. i made chicken alfredo and parmesan asparagus with a breadstick. except i can't stand the way it tastes (hello store bought alfredo), so i eat a few bites, then heat up a slice of cheese pizza and pour myself some coke ;-)

it's family worship night and mike brought us home a treat to eat.. cupcakes from what about cupcakes!! strawberry, carrot cake, and cappucino chip..yum!!

mike cleans up the kitchen & we get our things together for family worship night

6:35pm we did a "fruit-age" of the spirit project where we colored fruits, named the different fruitage on the fruit and glued them to construction paper. we talked about how we could display the fruitages every day

7:15pm-bathtime for sadie belle
7:45pm-snack and storytime..she had a kid's clif bar and goldfish with her milk

8:10pm-sadie's in bed, so i make her lunch for school tomorrow (make your own pizza and strawberries & cantaloupe), then pay bills

8:40pm-i take a much needed hot bath & read this book. it's really interesting!!

9:50pm-i get another bottle of water to drink and watch (and cry) through the last episode of parenthood!
10:48pm-now i'm hungry again and i usually like a piece of turkey or ham with some crackers before bed but we have no deli meat in the house :(, so i settle for cheese & more nut thins and a teeny bite of carrot cake cupcake. i decide to watch an old episode of chuck, so then i stay up way too late (again!) 

11:50pm-it's bedtime and don't i look like i need some rest?!?

i fall into bed and sleep until my alarm goes off bright & early the next morning!!

are you still reading? have you fallen asleep yet because this is the longest post i've ever written?

well, there's a day in my life. 
peace out.

Saturday, January 24, 2015

friday favorites {on saturday ;}

so i'm a little late to the linky party over at momfessionals for friday favorites, but i thought i would join in anyway!! here are some favorite pictures & events from the last  year...(this week i moved 1,200 pics & videos from my phone to my computer...eek!)

this was a super fun stop @ emporium pies in mckinney

sadie's first big girl haircut

our family at our assembly in denton

quality sister time @ olive's pizza in plano

sadie belle chillin in her bean bag looking 15 years old

precious baby shower for elle kate & mandy

memorial night at the woodway arboretum

me and my sweet girl in the bluebonnets

family trip to sea world

with maddox & mikayla at freddy's

family pics!

20th wedding anniversary for susanne & chris at ridgewood

lunchtime at chuy's

sadie & abby at the arboretum

zizi and mimi with sadie in her new rapunzel costume

first dance recital

  frozen party for the girls!

first day of pre-k!!!!

what a busy and fun year we've had :)